Customer Journey Optimization

Sensors Customer Journey Optimization is a highly open platform that provides open interface capabilities for both enterprises and partners. You can orchestrate and optimize customer journeys to engage with customers, achieving interactive experience management throughout the user's lifecycle.

How to Orchestrate Customer Journeys across the Lifecycle?

We can orchestrate customer journey through a four-step workflow for comprehensive lifecycle interaction experience management.

Audience Prioritization

Through data analysis and customer insights, accurately identify potential audiences and target them through precise audience segmentation.

Automation Orchestration

Orchestrate and automate real-time customer journeys based on audience behavior and preferences to achieve personalized experiences.

Content Operations

Assemble flexible content components to provide customers with high-quality, highly relevant content throughout their journey.

Channel Distribution

Engage with customers continuously and effectively through various channels and touchpoints.

Enable Personalized Customer Journeys with Four Service Capabilities

Sensors Customer Journey Optimization empowers both enterprises and partners through an API-first approach.

Audience Service

Journey Orchestration Service

Personalized Content Service

Omnichannel Management Service

Audience Service

Flexible, High-concurrency, and Low-cost

Audience selection made easy. Our service can be used independently or embedded in your business systems. It offers three timeliness options, so you can choose the best fit for your needs, in real time or offline.
Sensors CDP + Sensors Customer Journey Optimization

Sensors CDP + Sensors Customer Journey Optimization

Pair Sensors CDP with Sensors Customer Journey Optimization to orchestrate real-time, personalized customer journeys and activating data value.

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Empower Killmall's Complex Marketing Campaigns

Kilimall, a cross-border e-commerce platform, leverages Sensors Customer Journey Optimization's powerful automation marketing capabilities to efficiently implement marketing strategies. In specific applications, Sensors Canvas fully demonstrates its orchestration capabilities, control capabilities, and analysis capabilities, empowering Kilimall to carry out a series of complex, large-scale, consecutive, and long-term marketing activities, such as the Black Friday promotion, and achieve data-driven digitalization goals across the platform.
—— Kilimall
Empower Killmall's Complex Marketing CampaignsEmpower Killmall's Complex Marketing Campaigns

Full View of Sensors Customer Journey Optimization

We provide four service capabilities and a series of marketing applications to empower customer journey orchestration across the customer lifecycle.
Customer Journey Optimization Engine Application Scenario

Why Choose Sensors Data?

Sensors Customer Journey Optimization is real-time, flexible, high-concurrency, and open, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.


Real-time Audience Selection

Providing sub-second real-time performance, empowering instant marketing scenarios.


Flexible Configuration Strategy

Providing flexible integration of diverse marketing components for complex strategies.


High-concurrency Processing Capability

Providing the scenarios of millions of daily active users for enterprises.


Platform Openness

Providing multiple connection methods (APIs, components), to reduce access costs.

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