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  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

  • Marketing Automation

  • Omni-Channel User Tag

  • Content Management

  • Personalized Recommendation

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement
  • Marketing Automation
  • Omni-Channel User Tag
  • Content Management
  • Personalized Recommendation

Keep Customer Engaged across Channels

  1. Omni-Channel interaction, including web, mobile, app, SMS, email, line/wechat, and more
  2. Real-time reach through milliseconds response of instant pop-ups within channels such as social media and other apps
  3. Self-create campaigns without R&D supports, and monitor the performance in real time and achieve closed-loop operation

Achieve real-time precise marketing automatically

  1. User behavior trigger-based marketing that deliver meaningful messages at every lifecycle stage of customers
  2. Create personalized user journeys to fulfill user’s needs through flow canvas
  3. Comprehend marketing scenario library of business, implement methodology into practices, and offer a more efficient way of working

Build omni-channel user tag system based on full-end data

  1. Omni-channel data collection and onboarding, ID-Mapping, to build omni-channel user tag enables marketing and operation
  2. Flexible user tag creation, which allows self-create and maintain tags through visual interface, SQL, import of external data and etc.
  3. Instant tagging service, real-time tag creation and update, supporting various business systems, and responding to marketing demands efficiently

Unleash imagination of content creation and management

  1. Increase marketing creativity through custom creation, edit, and preview that support various forms of materials such as posters, H5, forms and etc.
  2. Establish comprehensive material library by unified management that supports internal platform, social media official accounts platform, Eqxiu platform and etc.
  3. Improve efficiency of content editing in related operational modules that provide useful models such as texts, push, e-mails and etc.

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Intelligent Recommendation based on user preference

  1. Personalized Recommendation supported by setting rules or advanced algorithm based on user demands
  2. Through setting rules to accomplish 'Personalized Recommendation' from in-site fields such as content list, banner, icon and etc., and increase customer stickiness
  3. Through advanced machine learning algorithm such as deep learning, achieve 'Dynamic Display' Personalized Recommendation, improve user experience, as well as CTR and other metrics you care

Make marketing precise and effective

Real-time, precise, and intelligent operation of app

How to satisfy our users with this app?Increasing customers’ retention by precise operation, recommendation rules and personalized recommendation; accomplishing instant reach and improving user experience via pop-ups and and real-time tags

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You need real-time, omni-channel user tag system to achieve digital marketing

Full-end data collection and onboard, unify user ID, build omni-channel user tag system, and enable omni-channel marketing

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Create a real-time, precise, intelligent way of marketing

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