Omni-channel, Omni-role, Omni-scenaniro

  • User behavior analysis

  • User Profile Analysis

  • Operating Data Analysis

  • BI Visual Reporting

  • A/B Testing

User behavior analysis

  • User behavior analysis
  • User Profile Analysis
  • Operating Data Analysis
  • BI Visual Reporting
  • A/B Testing

Real-time, flexible user behavior analysis

  1. Apply more than ten types of analysis models such as event analysis, funnel analysis, user path, etc. to meet your multi-dimensional and multi-scenario analysis needs, and use data to drive business iteration.
  2. More than just calculating data results, you can drill down to analyze the behavior of any single user, giving you a more complete view of every user.
  3. Custom SQL extends your analytic capabilities with the flexibility of whatever analytic perspective you need.

Tag portrait analysis of unified user system

  1. Connect multiple sources of data, unify user ID system, and build a business-oriented user tagging system.
  2. Provide 360-degree user (group) profile analysis, insight into group characteristics, and guide the next marketing strategy.
  3. Multiple types of tagging and portrait data docking and exporting, fully empowering the business actions of accurate marketing and refined operation.

Operating data analysis of the whole scenario of "people, goods, and place"

  1. Integrates third-party traffic with a variety of first-party data from within the enterprise to provide comprehensive analysis capabilities for business operations.
  2. It covers full-scenario business analysis capabilities such as crowd analysis, commodity analysis, and traffic analysis, providing data support for your marketing decisions.

Flexible BI visual report analysis

  1. Access to multi-terminal and multi-channel data from the analytics cloud to build a self-service BI analytics platform to support business decisions.
  2. Flexible drag-and-drop operation, charts and reports are generated with one click, significantly reducing the difficulty of analysis and improving the efficiency of reporting and communication.
  3. Custom SQL queries can be directly exported as reports, query results can be graphed and unleash your analytics capabilities.

Enabling A/B testing across the whole business process

  1. Accurate user segmentation and test groupings based on three types of data, behavioral, attribute and operational, to ensure the effectiveness of the test from the source.
  2. It is connected with Sensors Data analysis models to support deep drill-down analysis of each touch point before and after test execution, and combine with statistical indicators to gain insight into business panorama.
  3. Efficient user triage, covering all kinds of scenarios and front and back-end platforms at the same time, and supporting multiple trial types.

Perceive business changes in each scenario and gain insight into user needs

Investment ROI Improvement
Comprehensively analyze the "quality" and "quantity" of different channels and advertising creativity to optimize strategies and improve ROI
Product condition monitoring
Monitor feature usage status, core process transformation, performance experience issues, and gain a comprehensive understanding of product status
User conversion improvement
Track user paths, drill down funnel analysis, lock conversion key issues, targeted conversion rate improvement
Product Iteration and Validation
Iterate product versions based on diagnostic issues, A/B Testing triage execution and real-time validation of results
Retention and activity improvement
Retention and churn analysis, explore user "cool" and "itchy" points, improve user stickiness
Intelligent alart of indicators
Intelligent prediction of key indicators trends, early alart tips for timely action
Real-time tag creation
Combine with business scenarios, self-service creation of user tags that can be updated in real time
Panoramic portrait insight
Build 360-degree panoramic portrait to restore the real face of users and gain insight into their characteristics and preferences

Intelligence that allows analytics to predict the future

Smart Alert

Intelligent prediction of future change values based on historical data of key indicators

Intelligent Diagnosis

Intelligent diagnosis and analysis of alarm data to quickly locate problems

LTV Forecast

Predictable user lifecycle value over time LTV (Life Time Value)

Abnormal traffic identification

Multi-indicators and multi-technical tools to monitor the flow of traffic, advance the risk of prediction, timely stop loss

More empowerment to drive your business action

A/B Testing

Complete experiment creation and triage capabilities to meet advanced experimental needs such as traffic stratification and experimental mutual exclusion.

Mobile Analysis

With the Pocket Sensors Data App on your cell phone, you can analyze your business and share it with others anytime and anywhere.

Scenario Library

It brings together the professional scenario analysis methodology of more than 2,000 clients, which can be used to start the analysis journey easily.

Customized queries

Does the existing models not meet your analysis needs? With SQL you can query more data on your own.

Provide professional big data analytics services to over 2000 customers

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