Pre-sale Service

Our data analysis consultant and pre-sales team provide professional consultation on product usage, data solution, and other pre-sales services.

After-sales Service

Our customer success manager (CSM), data analysts, technical support team provide a full customer lifecycle service to ensure your data analysis is accurate with real-time response and stable performance.

Advantages of Our Service

Solid Solutions

Since 2007, our team has been building a big data analysis platform, and we know very well on what pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to overcome in the process of data collection, transmission, modeling, and analyzing. We have a skillful and trusted team with ten years of data analysis platform construction experience to guide you to professional data analysis solutions.

Professional Service Team

Senior Architects: Provide pre-sales technical solution consulting services.Data Analysts: Assist upon all data analysis related requests, including event design.Technical Support team: Help and guide the data access and data collection process successfully.Customers Success Manager (CSM): communicate proactively and perform re-visits throughout the entire customer lifecycle to become your trustworthy data analysis'butler'.

In-time Response

Without waiting in line for your ticket requests to be heard and answered, Sensors Data will assign an exclusive team to take on each project with real-time communication and problem-solving support during a full lifecycle to make your data more valuable than it seems.

Service Process

  • 1 Solutions Consulting

    Provide reliable and systematic data analysis solutions according to the actual technical architecture.

  • 2 Data Collecting Solution Design

    Work closely with your team(s) to communicate business requirements and design events based on your product.

  • 3 Data Access & Verification

    Determine and confirm data accessing plan, provide timely consultation and support, perform necessary data verification after data collection.

  • 4 Product Use

    Allow you to obtain product iteration information and provide in-depth application suggestions to bring a greater value and better usage of data through active return visits and online communication.

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