Sensors Recommender

A data-to-Intelligence system that thoroughly understands every user’s behaviors in real-time manner and automatically recommend preferred products, information and services that the customers have interests in. This is the key to keep your customers delighted and activated, as well as having click-thru-rate (CTR) and other metrics you desire to improve.

Recommendation is more than algorithm, the key to recommendation is data.

Data is the foundation of all algorithm, the basis of all iteration!

Full-process Recommendation System of "Data + Intelligence + Feedback"

Sensors recommender system is a full-process closed-loop recommendation scheme. It collects full-end data (including app, web, applet, H5, server, business data, third-party data, etc.) and uses deep learning and semantic analysis model to form the recommendation engine. The results can be analyzed in real-time with instant feedback and accurate algorithm iteration.

The Technical Architecture of Sensors Recommender

The Advantages of Sensors Recommender

  • Powerful Algorithm Function

    Provide advanced machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning to ensure excellent recommendation effect.

  • Privatized Deployment

    Enable privatized deployment, ensure data security and secondary development of algorithm model.

  • Manual Intervention

    Provide a visualized platform that gets the recommendation results in line with actual business demands.

  • Real-time Recommendation

    Full-end data collection, algorithm model calculation, and recommendation results shown are all performed in real-time to satisfy high effectiveness and improve user experience.

  • “White Box” Algorithm

    Provide overall solutions to support your algorithm team. Enable secondary development with algorithm modules and results that could be flexibly transferred.

  • Accurate Algorithm Iteration

    Flexibly adjust feature sets, iterate model parameters, and adjust possible solutions to meet business modifications to get higher returns.

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