Customer Operations and Service Challenges

  • Customer Management

    • Without knowing the overall customer health score of customer groups, it is impossible to predict the renewal rate.
    • There is no scientific or business-friendly method to evaluate the health status and loss risk of customers.
    • Internal management and team morale are greatly challenged by frequent customer complaints.
  • Teamwork

    • The team usually responds passively to customer's feedback and complaints.
    • It is submissive to renewals without knowing the history and current situation of the product usage.
    • The team cannot promptly react to unpleasant user experience and fail to make up the issues which causes customer loss.


Sensors Journey helps you collect user behavior data by building a business-friendly customer classification system, analyzing customer health score and trends, and providing automated alert on potential risks and opportunities. It allows you to formulate tasks and take actions to realize customer lifecycle and ensure customer success.

  • Monitor Customer Health Score with a Customer Classification System

    Apply RFM-LS customer classification model and user behavior data to build a customer analysis system with customizable metrics, and evaluate customer health score with scientific methods.

  • 360° Panoramic Customer View Provides Insights on Customer Health Score

    The 360° customer view presents the characteristics of individual customers, allowing us to dynamically track customer's lifecycle health score (by week or month), and to analyze the past behavior metrics to gain in-depth insights on customer value.

  • Automated Alert on Customer Loss Risk to Regain Customers Proactively

    Analyze the characteristics of high-loss-risk customers and customize scientific warning metrics to alert potential high-loss-risk groups, and take immediate actions to regain customers after triggering rescue tasks.

  • Identify Potential Upsell and Upgrade Opportunities to Excavate Customer Lifecycle

    Focus on "to-be-developed customers" and "customers with important values" to identify potential high-valued customer groups, and accurately reach users with various strategies to bring values to customers.

Customer’s Voice

  • Chen Liu,
    Co-founder, Beijing Facishare Technology

    There has always been a hard spot in the B2B field, that is how to better serve customers, extend customer’s lifecycle and continue to bring value, which is also the focus of Facishare. Sensors Journey fulfills our demand and enquiry right on the spot. Based on the captured customer behavior data, we could customize customer classification metrics and models to manage customers, as well as being able to analyze individual customers to identify trends. Sensors Journey provides customer loss warnings, enabling us to detect customer status changes from data in time to better adjust customer service strategies. The ultimate goal is to provide better services beyond expectations, improve customer satisfactions, and naturally increase renewal rates to bring greater value in acquiring for SaaS companies.

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