A Professional User Behavior Analytics Platform

  • 360ᵒ Properties Capture

    Sensors Analytics captures full-end data on every event & user’s behaviors and attributes. It is able to complete and satisfy a multi-dimension and cross-depth behavioral analysis.

  • Multi-role Enablement

    With 10 different analysis modules fulfilling various roles and environmental analysis demands, from marketers measuring conversion rates to product managers optimizing user experiences to operation teams tracking user activeness and retention rates.

  • In-depth Insights

    Insights always come from groups with massive data analysis. A powerful user grouping model that enables every user group to understand each user’s characteristics deeply and effectively among massive data.

  • Real-time Experience

    With a one-click vs. one-second analyzation, Sensors Analytics provides a real-time platform to instantly discover users’ information.

  • Free Data Exportation

    Provides a clean and accurate raw data export, including collective detailed data, data modules, calculated results, etc. A user-friendly platform that enables data synchronization to be performed at all times, and to increase the values of data in businesses.

  • Data Safety

    Support both on-premise and SaaS deployment to ensure your data is GDPR compliant and up-to-date.

Understand Users Across Different Teams

Focus on the key metrics you care about in roles (e.g. conversion rates of channels, retention rates, etc.), then find the answers by digging user behavior with Sensors Analytics.

  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Operation
  • Management
  • Marketing

    Seek for high quality channel resources, adjust marketing strategies, and increase leads conversion rates, to promote market ROI.

    Measure New Visitor Acquisition Capacity
    Trace traffic data of different channels to directly measure new visitors acquisition capacity.
    Distinguish the Quality of Different Channels
    Analyze registration and purchase conversions from different channels, and adjust channel strategies accordingly.
    Improve Website & Conversion Rate
    Track user behaviors across the entire website, optimize website browsing experience and content interactions to increase overall conversion rates.
  • Product

    Track user behaviors, analyze core process conversions, and verify revision plans to increase new users’ retention and the consumption of returned users.

    Improve User Conversion
    Funnels analysis as a core conversion processes (such as payment, registration, new accounts, etc.) enables insights on churn problems to improve user conversions.
    Raise User Retention
    Performs iterative A/B testing, evaluates outcome, and enhances features to promote activation and retention.
    Improve User Experience
    Tracks user behavior patterns to reasonably distribute traffic within the station and fine-tune the product layout and interaction to improve user experiences.
  • Operation

    Say goodbye to inefficient marketing. Target user groups precisely, and make personalized marketing strategies and plans.

    User Grouping to Precise Marketing
    Adopt user grouping to find common features and push personalized contents to improve user stickiness.
    Raise User Retention
    Retention analysis module shows the overall user retention status, by focusing on users who have not logged in for a long time and made direct pushes to save lost users.
    In-depth User Analysis
    A cross-analysis with user behavior and operational data to gain insights to core user characteristics and accurate user profiles.
  • Management

    Obtain real-time reports regularly on key indicators of multi-departments and business lines to support business decisions and respond to market changes actively.

    Administrator Overview
    A dashboard overview with real-time data collected, reflects the operation of different teams and business lines in the company, to discover problems and decision-making in a timely manner.
    Customized Data Report
    Reports are sent to your mailbox regularly, contents can be flexible and customized, and able to make automation monitoring as a habit.

Customer's Voice

  • Renjie Fu,Senior Director of Intelligent Data Department, LVMAMA Synwalk Travel Co., Ltd.

    You cannot understand your customers without user behavioral data! Sensors Data makes it easy for our business operation teams, not only to analyze behaviors in real-time, but also brings user behaviors together with transactional data. For our data teams, Sensors Data truly gives a plus to reduce the workload of ETL mass data, and allowing us to focus on in-depth innovation and the increase of the overall work efficiency.

Top Features

  • Event Analysis

    Which channel has the most registered newcomers in recent three months? What is the trend?

  • Funnel Analysis

    How about the conversion and loss from browsing to purchase the product?

  • Retention Analysis

    Analyze the retention of users to know the user adhesiveness of your products.

  • Attribution Analysis

    Which operating positions have attracted users to purchase this product?

  • Distribution Analysis

    Reveal the degree of each user’s dependency on the product and the reflection on repurchase rate.

  • User Path Analysis

    How do users browse your products? What is the ideal path?

  • User Grouping

    Who has bought mother and baby care products in the past 30 days? Shall we strongly recommend coupons to them?

  • Click Analysis

    Which page elements have been clicked by users the most, and with the highest frequency?

  • User Property Analysis

    What is the trend in the number of registered users? What is the provincial distribution?

  • User Behavior Sequence Analysis

    To timely verify the cause of churn problems with users’ historical behavior records.

  • Advanced Query

    Use standard SQL to query all data, which meets your individualized data analysis demands.

  • Bookmarks & Dashboards

    Commonly used analysis scenarios that could be saved as bookmarks and placed onto dashboards.

Compare Editions and Features

FunctionSaaSPrivate-deployment StandalonePrivate-deployment Cluster
Number of eventsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
Speed of queryIn secondsIn secondsIn seconds
Time-effectiveness of funnelReal-timeReal-timeReal-time
User-defined data overview
User-defined user behavior sequence
User-defined indicators
User-defined retention
User-defined user grouping
User-defined distribution analysis
User-defined click analysis
User-defined SQL query
Drill-down and select in any dimension
Data Import Functions
Full event tracking
Front-end code event tracking
Back-end code event tracking
Real-time import tool
Batch import tool
Full-end event tracking management
Historical data import
Debug mode
Number of import eventslimitedlimitedlimited
Management Functions
Authority control
PaaS Platform Functions
API query
Import of third-party user profiling data
Data storage locationSensors Data providedCustomer providedCustomer provided
Real-time data subscription
Use Hadoop to access data
Use Spark to access data

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