Sensors Analytics


User and business data analysis platform

Collect and unify user behavioral and business data across any channel and any system, build all-domain data fusion model, achieve full-link and full-scenario analysis from user to business operation, provide comprehensive and effective market information and business strategies, and help enterprises better understand users, master the market, and improve competitiveness.

Get in-depth insights to achieve data-driven scientific decisions

User Insights

Marketing Optimization

Product Analysis

Business Analysis

User Insights

User Insights

· Build user segmentation within the platform through RFM model to achieve targeted operational strategies.
· Provide user profiles analysis, get insights into the characteristics of user groups, and guide operation strategy.
· Support single user behavior sequence analysis, find out key experience problems, and improve user experience.

Four new capabilities to expend user and business analysis scenarios



Multiple visualization components, easy to build report, and meet the needs of different departments.

Business bazaar

Business bazaar

Enterprise-level data asset precipitation and centralized management.

Metric analysis

Metric analysis

A new analysis model to meet the integration of user behavioral data and business data analysis.

Indicator platform

Indicator platform

Easy to create indicators in a visual way, build a unified indicator system.

Why choose Sensors Data?

Full-domain, full-link analysis

Aggregation, flexible, efficiency

Achieve cross-project query and multi-table association analysis.

More scenarios of report

Precipitation, distribution, visualization

Various visual components to meet the needs of multiple roles.

Continuous cost reduction

Energy saving, flexible, self-controlled

Support monitoring alarm and self-operation and maintenance.

Flexible deployment mode

Security, compliance, low cost

Both private and SaaS deployment are available.

Customer voice

Analysis across of behavioral and business data

Analysis across of behavioral and business data

Sensors Data makes it easy for our business operation teams, not only to analyze behaviors in real-time, but also brings user behaviors together with transactional data. For our data teams, Sensors Data truly gives a plus to reduce the workload of ETL mass data, and allows us to focus on in-depth innovation and work efficiency.
—— Intelligent Data Department, LVMAMA Synwalk Travel Co., Ltd.

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