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With over 1000 paid customers, we have provided a complete deployment service upon products and services.

  • 71%

    Privatized Deployment Customers

  • 29%

    SaaS/Cloud Deployment Customers

Privatized Deployment Solutions

  • One-Click Automated Deployment
    Sensors Data has a standardized “one-click” deployment solution with high compatibility, which we have achieved 85% of customers to complete deployment within 30 minutes. It has greatly improved the operation efficiency and freed up the manpower of analyzing data.
  • Massive Data Management
    When facing the needs of processing significant amount of data nowadays and with the premise of ensuring real-time query performance, our service requires low hardware configuration standard and quantity (CPU, RAM, hard drive, server quantity) for enterprises, and have lower corresponding costs.
  • Operation Tool & Maintenance Service
    The solution includes a complete operation and maintenance system, which contains in-depth enhancement on automated operation and maintenance tools with real-time alert, accurately positioning of abnormal data, and to help customers to operate and maintain their daily operation more efficiently and autonomously.
  • The Essene of Integrating Enterprise Business System
    Privatized deployment solution resolves the issue of data integration security and stability between the public internet and intranet. The open source API interface satisfies a flexible secondary development and provides a guarantee on multi-system and multi-dimension cross-analysis requirements.
  • Data Security
    User data and business data are the foundation of an enterprise. Privatized deployment with a fully open source SDK ensures the transparency and security of data from its collection stage to application process.
  • Extensive Deployment Experience
    Since the first day Sensors Data was founded, we have provided customers with a complete privatized deployment solution, and have hundreds of paid customers/enterprises whom completed high-quality product implementation and delivery system with stable and continuous operation.

Customers' Voice

  • Renjie Fu,
    Senior Director of Intelligent Data Department, LVMAMA Synwalk Travel Co., Ltd.

    You cannot understand your customers without user behavioral data! Sensors Data makes it easy for our business operation teams, not only to analyze behaviors in real-time, but also brings user behaviors together with transactional data. For our data teams, Sensors Data truly gives a plus to reduce the workload of ETL mass data, and allowing us to focus on in-depth innovation and the increase of the overall work efficiency.

SaaS Deployment Solutions

  • Easy to Deploy

    With any Internet access system on demand, it is fast to apply and easy to use.

  • Lower Cost

    To reduce IT labor cost by lessen the need to to buy the corresponding hardware for data storage.

  • Trusted Operations & Maintenance

    No need for self-operation and self-maintenance management system with our rental service. This helps start-up companies to focus on their business more effectively & sufficiently.

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