Adaptable Data Platform for In-depth Data Usage

Adaptable Data Platform for In-depth Data Usage

End-to-end & Open PaaS Platform

End-to-end & Open PaaS Platform

  • BI

    Provide visualized interface to enable market, product, operations and other business personnel to carry out in-depth data analysis more efficiently.

  • Data Request

    Develop query interface, extend existing analysis functions flexible, and support seamless connections with other internal business systems.

  • Data Storage

    Provide offline computing capability with adequate data on text mining, search engine optimization (SEO), targeted advertisement, in-depth analysis and other applications.

  • Data Transmission

    Provide real-time data subscription and support distributed elapsing calculation. It is also applicable for personalized recommendation, targeted advertisement and other applications.

  • Data Collection

    An open data collection protocol that extends data access from different metadata sources.

PaaS Platform - The Fundamental of Intelligence

  • Sensors Data Platform has high efficiency and capability in computing and query, along with comprehensive and standardized data collection process to achieve product intelligence. No matter it is a personalized recommendation or precise advertising push scenario, it can all exert in great power to have your business become intelligence-driven with the combination of Intelligence algorithm model.

Customer’s Voice

  • Xing Liu,
    Director of Big Data Department, HUOLALA Trading Co., Ltd.

    We decided to introduce Sensors Data because it is not only technology focused, but also professional in real-time effect service. In fact, there is still a long way to go to become a data-driven business, it can be divided into five stages:the first stage is to establish a data system, the second stage is to implement data operations, the third stage is to promote business development, the fourth stage is to build an intelligent enterprise, and the fifth is to drive the upgrading of the industrial chain. I hope we can provide more people with high-quality service experience in the future, and make a contribution to drive the upgrading of industrial chain through continuous innovation and practices.

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