Data Collection is the Premise of All Effective Data Analysis

  • Data Integration

  • Data Transfer

  • Data Modeling/Storage

  • Search

  • Visualized Data

Sensors Analytics Concept: M-A-D-R Data Collection

  • Macro Data

    Well prepared for scaling up user and data growth and well planned for accumulating data asset.

  • Adequate Data

    A full customer lifecycle (CLC) is well developed with a variety of data sources and different methods of data collection upon the use of the products/services.

  • Detailed Data

    To make accumulated data assets valuable, we collect all attributes, dimensions, and indicators to improve data accuracy.

  • Real-time Data

    To improve subsequent data application by sustaining the timeliness of data collection process.

Flexible Data Collection Solutions

  • Data Collection Solutions

    Customer-end (Front-end)

    Support iOS, Android, Web/H5,and other applets that mainly use to analyze UV, PV, clicks and other indicators.

    Server Logs

    Collect back-end server logs with more powerful collectability and better detailed analysis.

    Data Warehouse

    Collect business data stored in various data warehouses, and combine user behavior data with business data to meet complex analysis scenarios.

    Historical Data

    Support one-time historical data importation, activation, and mining its potential values.

    Third-Party Data

    Achieve a multi-dimensional data platform with various data inquiries docking with CRM, ERP, customer service, logistics, and other third-party data.

  • Data Collection Methods

    Support code tracking and codeless event tracking with flexible and personalized selections.

    Code Tracking

    Support various Open Source SDKs, including Java, Python, PHP, etc. Penetrate through business and transactional in-depth data

    Codeless Event Tracking

    SDK Cluster, one-click of data collection Front-end and limited data collection

    Visualized Event Tracking

    Visualized & customized codeless tracking Lower technical threshold Allow non-developers to directly implement tracking points

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