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Sensors Data is a big data analysis and intelligence application solutions provider that provides big data analysis products and platforms that drive business growth for organizations of all sizes with consulting services and industrial solutions. Our products include Sensors Analytics (SA), Sensors Personas (SPS), Sensors Focus (SF), Sensors Recommender (SR) and Sensors Journey (SJ).
The enterprises we are serving include China UnionPay, China Telecom, Baidu Video, PSBC Consumer Finance, GuangFa Security, Jumei.com, Beijing Facishare Technology, Keep, 36Kr, CYTS, PingAn Group, Sichuan Airlines, etc. So far, there are over 1000 paid customers choosing Sensors Data as a long-term reliable partner.

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Building a firm foundation to excel internet data
To help and assist enterprises to become data-driven
Bring values to customer

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