To Analyze, Measure, and Engage with Users by Big Data Analytic Tools

Sensors Data provides a full-process of data-driven solutions, including data collection, data modeling, data storage, data analysis and applications, to help enterprises drive business decisions and product intelligence.

  • Sensors Analytics
  • Sensors Personas
  • Sensors Focus
  • Sensors Recommender
  • Sensors Journey
Sensors Analytics
User Behavioral Analytics Platform

A self-served platform that analyzes user behaviors across different apps, webs, H5, and mini-programs. An in-depth learning on users to ultimately improve and optimize your products and services.

  • Sensors Analytics
  • Sensors Personas
  • Sensors Focus
  • Sensors Recommender
  • Sensors Journey

Methods to Reach Data-driven Business:

  • Data Collection

  • Access & Storage

  • Query & Display

  • Product Intelligence

  • Here are a variety of data sources in enterprises’ business, including user behavior of different terminals (e.g. Web, App, H5, other business software), back-end server logs (e.g. log system), and business data (e.g. database). We help enterprises to efficiently collect the scattered metadata and enterprise data assets according to the business analysis requirements.

  • Regardless of technical architecture, the multiple event tracking methods of Sensors Analytics can provide you with a data access solution that suits your business requirements. Data is imported in real-time manner, and the data format is unified and completed.

  • When everything is ready, you just need to select the appropriate analysis module, click on the properties and indicators as enquired, and query the analysis results with only one click. The data will be updated in real-time and responded in seconds.

  • Using data analytics to drive business decisions only demonstrate some values of data. With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sensors Data platform uses machine learning algorithms to response to the analysis results, driving product intelligence and allowing your data to play a greater role in creating values in enterprises.

Customer's Voice

  • Renjie Fu, Senior Director of Intelligent Data Department, LVMAMA Synwalk Travel Co., Ltd.

    You cannot understand your customers without user behavioral data! Sensors Data makes it easy for our business operation teams, not only to analyze behaviors in real-time, but also brings user behaviors together with transactional data. For our data teams, Sensors Data truly gives a plus to reduce the workload of ETL mass data, and allowing us to focus on in-depth innovation and the increase of the overall work efficiency.

  • Xing Liu, Director of Big Data Department, HUOLALA Trading Co., Ltd.

    We decided to introduce Sensors Data because it is not only technology focused, but also professional in real-time effect service. In fact, there is still a long way to go to become a data-driven business, it can be divided into five stages:the first stage is to establish a data system, the second stage is to implement data operations, the third stage is to promote business development, the fourth stage is to build an intelligent enterprise, and the fifth is to drive the upgrading of the industrial chain. I hope we can provide more people with high-quality service experience in the future, and make a contribution to drive the upgrading of industrial chain through continuous innovation and practices.

  • China Galaxy Securities

    We have been looking for a user behavior analysis tool for a long time, and Sensors Analytics (SA) is the only ideal one! It provides in-depth data analysis models, and allows business executives to grasp products’ overall operation situation at any time. It also helps operation managers to precisely position users and analyze user preferences accordingly. With the help of Sensors Data, we have ensured legal compliance, data security and attempted operational closed loop on mobile app of data collection, analysis, problem discovery, optimization, update, feedback, and iteration.

  • Shu-Feng Liao, Senior Data Engineer, Greentown China Holdings Ltd.

    From first getting to know Sensors Data to the formal establishment of cooperation in every step, the contact with pre-sales, sales consultants, customer success manager (CSM), analysts and other Sensors Data workers has been a very professional and high-quality experience. In addition, the proposal Sensors Data submitted has shown the embodiment of their profession amongst the global market. The product performance, functions, after-sales process and services are also endorsed by peers within the industry circle, which was a definite assurance for us to work as a service provider.

  • Jun-Ke Zhao, Director of Omni-channel Big Data Platform, Bailian Group Co., Ltd.

    For such large group enterprises as Bailian, data security is particularly important. Sensors Data provides a matured privatized deployment service to meet Bailian's omni-channel requirements on data security. Meanwhile, Bailian omni-channel has its own big data platform. In the selection process, we have considered the newly introduced data tool that integrated with the existing data platform, while the PaaS service provided by Sensors Data supports docking with the existing big data platform. The above two points allowed Bailian omni-channel to choose Sensors Data as the influential and reliable partner.

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