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Sensors Data was Certified as China CDP "Leaders category" by IDC MarketScape

Tags: CDPData AnalysisData FoundationCustomer JourneyCustomer Data EngineData DrivenJanuary 2, 2024

Recently, the global leading IT market research and consulting firm IDC released the report IDC MarketScape: 2023 Vendor Assessment of China Customer Data Platform Software (Doc # CHC50498823, December 2023). This report conducted a comprehensive evaluation of CDP vendors based on two major dimensions: strategy and capabilities. Sensors Data has entered the category of leaders in China's Customer Data Platform (CDP) for 2023 and become a focal point in the industry.

Image Source: IDC MarketScape: Vendor Assessment of China Customer Data Platform Software, 2023

About IDC MarketScape:

The IDC MarketScape vendor assessment model aims to provide an overview of the competitiveness of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) vendors in specific markets. The research methodology employs rigorous qualitative and quantitative scoring criteria to illustrate graphically the position of each vendor in a particular market. IDC MarketScape offers a clear framework for meaningful comparisons of IT and ICT vendors' products, services, capabilities, strategies, as well as current and future market success factors. This framework also provides a 360-degree assessment of strengths and weaknesses for current or potential vendors, serving as a reference for technology buyers.

Moreover, according to IDC's report China Customer Data Platform Vendor Market Shares, 2022 (Doc # CHC50366123, April 2023), Sensors Data's CDP has claimed the top position in market share with a significant advantage, leading the entire industry.

Sensors Data's CDP product demonstrates remarkable competitiveness and capabilities in the market. IDC's evaluation acknowledges Sensors Data CDP's significant advantages in comprehensive data access and fusion, implementation cost, user interface friendliness, and real-time data processing. Sensors Data CDP is particularly suitable for enterprises undergoing digital transformation and growth, especially in industries such as finance, CPG&Retail, TMT.

Over the past eight years, Sensors Data has served over 2000 enterprises and gained clear insights into the crucial requirements of enterprises for CDP products— multichannel data integration, data model construction, data labeling, etc. The product capabilities and service offerings have continuously expanded to cater to customer business scenarios.

Firstly, Sensors Data has developed a novel visual data access framework for complex data integration scenarios over years of refinement. With the increasing diversity in user touchpoints, enterprises aim to establish unified foundational customer data platforms by effectively integrating dispersed and chaotic data. Sensors Data CDP not only possesses excellent flexibility and scalability, but also decouples from external data sources and internal data modeling areas. Simultaneously, Sensors Data actively explores integration with mainstream cloud-native data warehouses, aiming to seamlessly integrate CDP with enterprise data warehouses, empowering business operations and growth.

Secondly, Sensors Data CDP not only provides visual import capabilities for heterogeneous data sources and multi-entity models, but also assists enterprises in logically organizing and linking data, laying a solid foundation for subsequent data applications. The challenges of data accuracy and diversity persist in CDP—if same IDs cannot be recognized, ensuring data accuracy becomes challenging, leading to customer inconvenience in subsequent interactive marketing activities. Sensors Data addresses this by comprehensively ensuring unified insights and analysis through ID-Mapping (One-ID) while also introducing a new generation of multi-entity data models that balance flexibility and scalability, closely aligning with practical business scenarios.

Lastly, Sensors Data CDP integrates four major capabilities of data integration, modeling, processing, and services. Delivering robust data processing capabilities to label users swiftly and accurately, readily applicable in operational strategies, has been a persistent demand in enterprises. Drawing from years of industry practice, Sensors Data has accumulated comprehensive data processing capabilities, starting from basic feature combinations, file imports, advancing to rule capabilities, EQL capabilities, and the most complex SQL processing capabilities. These can cater to diverse enterprise data processing needs across different roles, development stages, and complexity levels.

As one of Sensors Data's main platform-level products, Sensors Data CDP integrates four main capabilities—data integration, modeling, processing, and services—offering enterprises a unified, highly flexible, and comprehensive data processing and application solution. Its characteristics of real-time processing, self-service, and openness collectively constitute its unique advantages in the market:

Firstly, Real-Time: In diverse and personalized business scenarios, both customer journey analysis and orchestration demand real-time capabilities. Sensors Data CDP's real-time data processing capability, provided through multi-level and multi-dimensional real-time data capabilities such as real-time tagging and batch-stream integrated audience calculation engines, meet analytical and marketing needs under different time constraints. Real-time processing is not just a core design principle of Sensors Data CDP but also its innovation target in technology and architecture.

Secondly, Self-Serve: The emphasized self-service capability of Sensors Data CDP allows business personnel to independently carry out data modeling and architectural design. This not only enhances the efficiency of scenario implementation but also reduces the complexity of interdepartmental collaboration. Self-service functionalities enable users requiring data applications to customize modeling based on their needs, expediting data-driven decision-making processes.

Thirdly, Open API: With the deepening of digital transformation, different industries and types of enterprises present diverse demands for CDPs. Sensors Data CDP's open API lies in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of different enterprises, flexibly combining like building blocks. By supporting APIs and a plugin-based approach, Sensors Data CDP seamlessly integrates with clients' existing business systems, maximizing the utilization of data resources and optimizing business processes.

CDP isn't just an external marketing tool but a crucial component constituting the enterprise's customer data integration strategy. Through practical experiences serving over 2000 enterprise customers, Sensors Data deeply understands that the core objective of establishing a CDP in enterprises lies in activating data depth fully. With the efficient processing and modeling functions of CDP, enterprises can fully utilize massive public and private domain data throughout the customer lifecycle, supporting higher-level data application products such as customer journey analysis and personalized marketing, thereby unleashing the latent value of data. As IDC points out, "Externally, CDP may primarily be a marketing resource, but internally, it is an indispensable part of the enterprise's customer data integration roadmap."

With the growing recognition of CDP value by enterprises and the continuous maturation of product functionalities, the CDP market in China will witness a new round of rapid growth. Sensors Data CDP, tested over many years of practice, has demonstrated its robust capabilities in extracting data value, creating indicators, optimizing data ecosystems, and managing data assets. Sensors Data will continue expanding the scope of CDP value to meet diverse enterprise needs across scale expansion, enhanced security, deep analysis, among other aspects.

With the impending implementation of the Ministry of Finance's "Interim Regulations on Accounting Treatment of Enterprise Data Resources Related Matters" on January 1, 2024, enterprise "data assets" will undergo a new construction cycle. Considering this, we strongly recommend enterprises consider incorporating Sensors Data CDP as a core component of their digitalization strategy. By combining customer journey analysis engines and customer journey optimization engines, Sensors Data CDP not only enhances enterprises' insights into customer data but also aids in more efficiently managing digital customer relationships. It's time to act and leverage Sensors Data CDP's advanced technology and rich experience to bring unprecedented data-driven growth to your enterprise.

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